Bibyana Morales Marquez Miss Teen International Beauty USA

Bibyana Morales Marquez
(born February 4, 2003) is an American model and beauty pageant titleholder most recently crowned Miss Teen Universe (2020).

Early life and education

Bibyana was born on February 4, 2003, in McAllen, Texas to Rolando and Rita Morales. She currently attends high school and hopes to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Bibyana enjoys all-things fashion designing her pageantry attire and everyday styles.


Bibyana competed and was crowned in:

Miss Teen International Beauty USA, in Atlanta in 2019, titled,Miss Teen International Beauty, in Punta Cana in 2019, titled,Miss Teen Universe Texas, in Houston, Texas, in 2019, titled
Miss Teen Universe USA, in San Diego, California in 2019, titled

Miss Teen Universe, Miami, FL in 2020, titled

Personal life

Bibyana is active in her community, nationally and around the world. Bibyana uses her platforms to voice positivity and to serve as a positive example.  She seeks to raise awareness on issues affecting youth todayfocusing on anti-bullying and raising self-esteem. She is active in public speaking events on these and other issues in her community. Currently, Bibyanahas realized her dream of commercializing her own clothing line. She collaborated with renowned fashion designer Willfredo Gerardo on her exclusive designs.The exclusive line has launched fall 2020.

Titles (received from competitions): 

Miss Teen International Beauty USA, Miss Teen International Beauty, Miss Teen Universe Texas,Miss Teen Universe USAMiss Teen Universe.

Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5’9
Eye Color: Green

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