After a successful debut release of “Ojeras” and “Disimular," seven murals were painted throughout the city of Monterrey in celebration of the release. In this second double single, which is now available on all streaming platforms, “Perdón Amor” deepened their previously explored feelings of nostalgia, heartbreak and above all, the longing for the past that does not exist in the present day.

The lead single “¿Que Piensas?” is the lead single of this second release. In this release, the trio put themselves in the opposite perspective, wondering if perhaps that person has already found a new safe place and thinking about everything that ever happened with guitars that could remind listeners of Daniel Caesar, Jesse Baez or drums a la Brent Faiyaz. “Tell me what you’re thinking? At night you’re still awake..."

On the other hand, in “Culpa” the members of Perdon Amor understand that sometimes relationships have an end and that end always brings turbulence. “Every time you kiss me, I feel like you're not here.” In this track, the trio touches on a less explored part, the one where feelings now arise from disinterest and each kiss does not feel the same through dark chords very much like Drake, Baby Keem and Don Toliver.

“Perdón Amor” will soon be having their first live performance in March of this year at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX along with more talents from their label SLOWLY and Incondicional.

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