MIAMI, FL January 4, 2024.  Esteemed Mexican artist Luis R Conriquez releases his highly anticipated fourth installment in his ‘Corridos Bélicos’ series titled “Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV” featuring an array of incredible star-stuffed collaborators. Renowned as one of the primary creative forces behind ‘corridos bélicos,’ Conriquez once again demonstrates his unique musical storytelling abilities with this album. “Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Boasting 23 tracks, “Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV” showcases a diverse collection of corridos, featuring an array of sounds that will surely captivate listeners. In true Conriquez fashion, the album brilliantly incorporates traditional Sonoran elements with contemporary influences, making it an eclectic and dynamic album.

Known for his many heavy-hitting collaborations, Conriquez’s latest album has plenty of powerful collaborations with some of the hottest names in music. Artists featured on the album include Peso Pluma, Gabito Ballesteros, Ryan Castro, Junior H, Tito Double P, and many others. Nearly every track on “Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV” features these notable names, with many exciting twists and turns along the way.

“Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV” is the product of an all-star team of songwriters who all contributed their talents to the creation of this album. The stacked list of composers includes Luis R Conriquez, Peso Pluma, Eden Muñoz, Arnoldo Aboytes, Kevin Ramirez, Tito Double P, Miguel Armenta, Nelson Fernandez, Neton, Santiago Gallego, Ryan Castro, Omar Cardenas, Alfredo Olivas, Joel Portillo, Angel Ureta, Tony Aguirre, Said Norzagaray, Christian Félix from Grupo Maximo Grado, Fausto Cruz, Julián Mercado, Julio Cesar Avita Audelo from Nivel C and America Sierra.

The production of this album is furthermore a testament to Conriquez’s distinct sound and commitment to excellence. The album was produced by himself, along with a talented team of producers like Carlos Santos, Peso Pluma, Darey Castro, Tito Double P, Alfredo Olivas, Saul Castro, Jassiel Ramos, Adrian Chachan and Christian Félix. The creative synergy between these individuals resulted in a rich blend of musical elements that make it easy to understand why música Mexicana is at the top of the charts.

“Corridos Bélicos Vol. IV” Tracklist:
1. A Punta De Balazos - Luis R Conriquez, Novillos De La Sierra
2. Pixelados - Luis R Conriquez, Peso Pluma
3. El Agujero - Luis R Conriquez, Gabito Ballesteros
4. Aquellos Botones - Luis R Conriquez, Junior H
5. Nemesio - Luis R Conriquez, El Fantasma
6. Arre Pues - Luis R Conriquez, Gerardo Ortiz
7. Pongasen Bien - Luis R Conriquez, Ryan Castro
8. La Belikiza - Luis R Conriquez, Lenin Ramirez
9. Las Dos R - Luis R Conriquez, Los Dareyes De La Sierra
10. Bélicos - Luis R Conriquez, Tito Double P
11. La Supuesta Cita - Luis R Conriquez, Alfredo Olivas
12. Saquen Cuentas - Luis R Conriquez, Joel De La P
13. 19 Por Los Radios - Luis R Conriquez, Tony Aguirre
14. Sin Tanto Royo - Luis R Conriquez, Tito Double P
15. Gorras Numeradas - Luis R Conriquez, Said Norzagaray
16. Por Reynosa - Luis R Conriquez
17. Fresas Con Crema - Luis R Conriquez, Fuerza Regida
18. Quien Es Ivan - Luis R Conriquez, Grupo Maximo Grado
19. LMV - Luis R Conriquez, Eden Muñoz
20. Mas Perron Con Los Balenciaga - Luis R Conriquez, Gabito Ballesteros
21. El Ocho - Luis R Conriquez, Julian Mercado
22. El 27 - Luis R Conriquez, Nivel C
23. Mi Bello Angel - Luis R Conriquez, Natanael Cano

ABOUT Luis R Conriquez

Luis R Conriquez is quickly ascending and earning his status as a music titan, and his rise is due in large part to his groundbreaking and innovative sound. Renowned as the creator of “corridos bélicos,” Conriquez is leading a cultural phenomenon that is gaining widespread popularity. As a leading force behind this genre, not only has he garnered a passionate fan base, but also widespread recognition on social media, where he is hailed as a fresh and influential figure in música Mexicana.

The singer is currently on tour, performing in various Palenques, parties and fairs across Mexico. Additionally, he’s been gracing the stages of prestigious theaters in the United States performing for tens of thousands of people including at the Arena in Los Angeles, California, among many others. He’s been nominated for several awards including a 2022 Latin Billboard nomination for ‘Artist of the Year, Debut’ as well as a 2023 Premios Juventud nomination for “Breakthrough Artist – Regional Mexican,” among other nominations.

Among his most recent releases, one of his songs stands out: “Es Amor,” a captivating and romantic track that represents a departure from Luis R Conriquez’s usual style, thus demonstrating the versatility and skill he possesses. In addition to his solo tracks, Conriquez is also known for his heavy-hitting collaborations including his popular duet with Nicky Jam titled “Como el Viento,” whose accompanying music video was filmed on the beautiful beaches of Miami, Florida. Notably, in 2022, Conriquez secured the number two position on Spotify’s ‘Top 10 Mexican Artists’ in Mexico, due to his hits “El Buho,” “Me Metí En El Ruedo” and “Si Respetan, Respeto.”

In 2023 Conriquez released a string of powerful collaborations such as “Dame Un Chance” with Grupo Frontera, “Un Amor Como Este” with Grupo Firme and “Disimulando” with Gerardo Ortiz. Throughout his career, Conriquez has worked with chart-topping artists including Peso Pluma, Grupo Frontera, Grupo Firme and Natanael Cano, just to name a few. On the horizon is another exciting collaboration with Puerto Rican artists Farruko for the remix of “Me Metí En El Ruedo.” With lots of other exciting projects, collaborations and live performances in store for the coming months, Conriquez has a thrilling year up ahead.

Born in Caborca, a municipality in the state of Sonora, also known as the “Pearl of the Desert,” Luis R Conriquez’s admiration for musicians traces back to his childhood. This early admiration of musicians performing at local venues sparked his desire to step onto the stage and pursue a career in music. With a history marked by perseverance and hard work, Luis R Conriquez now shines performing on the most important stages in the world. Today, audiences enthusiastically sing along to his songs, a testament to his success forged through a steadfast commitment to his work.

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