Yaisel closes successful promotional tour in the United States And is on his way to Europe

Yaisel La Melodía (LM) has managed to position himself as one of the most popular urban exponents in the music industry, thanks to his rhythmic and contagious dembow, with which he has been representing the Dominican Republic abroad.

Recently, the singer of “Diligencia” closed out a successful promotional tour in the United States, during which he visited La Mega 97.9 FM, New York; as well as the YouTube, Google and several tv stations. He also held a meet and greet at the store of the famousNew York rapper Fat Joe, UPNYC, with great support from the local press, celebrities and fans.

The efforts of 2Big Music and Equity Distribution are paying off since the young urban exponent currently occupies the number 2 position on Monitor Latino, and number one on YouTube and Spotify with his track “Boy Boy Remix” featuring Colombian artist Blessd and the American rapper NLE Choppa.

Taking advantage of his visit to the United States, he attended Meg The Stallion's Halloween party in Atlanta, Georgia, where he interacted with the renowned American super star Offset and met up with several exponents who we will later see collaborating with "El Caza Brujas Mayor" ( The Grand Witch Hunter as his fans dubbed Yaisel).

Yaisel also visited Medellin, Colombia to film a video with rapper Blessd, and was interviewed on set by Dímelo King, a platform that leads the urban genre movement in Colombia with emerging talents and established artists in the music industry.

Currently he is back on the island fulfilling artistic commitments and then in mid-November preparing suitcases to embark on his first tour of Europe to bringing his complete repertoire of hits like “Quien Dijo?” and “Tantos Enemigos” to his fans in France, Spain and Italy among other countries in the European Union.

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