Productor musical Emy Luziano convierte piezas musicales en hits

Music producer Emy Luziano, holder of 4 RIAA platinum certifications, numerous Billboard hits and a Grammy nomination, continues to achieve success in the industry, thanks to the quality of his creative process, which allows him to focus on ensuring that each song leaves its mark and remains through time.

As an example, Luziano has managed to make the songs: “Wapae” by 6ix9ine feat. Angel Dior, Lenier, & Bulin 47; “Narcissist” by Yailin La Más Viral; “Súbete” by Lary Over & Liìrico En la Casa; “I'll Go Later” Amenazzy; “Hello Baby” by Kidd Keo; “The Glock” by Flow Mafia; “Lean” performed by Amenazzy, Bad Bunny, Lito Kirino; “Without Makeup” Amenazzy ft. Don Miguelo; “No Me Ignores” by Jay Menez, Myke Towers, Rauw Alejandro ft. Cazzu, Eladio Carrion; all produced by him, reaching the Top 10 trending hits lists on most platforms.

“I always aim to make music that is timeless, without necessarily being controlled by trends, I understand that more spontaneous is always more legitimate,” said the young producer who is working with Jowell and Randy from Rima Récords as we speak, and will visit the Latin Grammys, to be held in Seville Spain, next November 16, 2023.

The young businessman with extensive musical training also highlighted that this creative marriage arises from the chemistry of ideas combined with the ideas of the performers.

Going from Redimi2 to Bad Bunny, and from Tercer Cielo to Rauw Alejandro, Emy maintains an impeccable sound quality, as he has the talent to discern the essence of an artist and capture it clearly in a song. At the end of the day, his musical stamp characterizes each song. Collaboration after collaboration, Luziano's sound continues to evolve.

Currently, Emy, whose style is clearly recognized by a diversity of chords and acoustic instruments; in a genre oversaturated by synthesizers, drum kits and recurring sounds; He is founder and director of his own record label LUZONIC ENTERTAINMENT and also serves as founding partner, CEO and Executive Producer of IRIS LIVE MUSIC; company that was born in 2021 with the purpose of developing multiple artists and music producers.

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