Luis Vazquez unveils “Peligro de amor”

 The young artist launches his version of Chayanne's hit song

Miami, Florida | January 19th, 2023, | Luis Vázquez, the young salsa singer, continues to release new music, demonstrating his exceptional talent for interpretation. Today, the Puerto Rican performs a tropical version of the song "Peligro de amor," made famous by the voice of Latin Music idol Chayanne.

Originally from the town of Cidra, the 17-year-old artist continues to make his way in music, conquering the salsa genre with his rhythm and peculiar voice. The release of "Peligro de amor" marks a new accomplishment and cause for celebration for the salsa singer, who is known as the salsa's newest prodigy.

"It is an honor for me to be able to interpret a song by a music icon like Chayanne. I will continue to work to increase interest in the salsa genre among the next generation. Today I present a more tropical version of this iconic song, without losing the romantic essence of the lyrics," said Luis Vazquez, who is also a student at his hometown's Jesús T. Piñero  Specialized Music School.

Ramón Sánchez, a well-known music producer, was in charge of this new version of "Peligro de amor," which is expected to be another hit for Luis Vázquez’s artistic career. The song is now available on all digital platforms. 

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