Yandel and Nicky Jam join Xyron in the remix of “La Glock”

Available on all digital music platforms

Miami, Florida| December, 2022| The first official artist to appear on the Rapetón Approved album: Xyron, unveils the remix of his hit “La Glock”, together with none other than Yandel and Nicky Jam. The long-awaited remix is available to fans on all digital platforms.

Xyron is a young singer who also excels as a songwriter. His song "La Glock", from the production of Angel "D Note" and The Co-production of "Sour", premiered at the beginning of 2022, a classic reggaeton with Spanish Trap influences and an “Old School Reggaetón” vibe, which to date has more than 2.3 million views on its official video on YouTube.

Today, the song enjoys some “fresh air” with the addition of the voices of two great pioneers of the urban industry, who besides being recognized worldwide, have an incomparable human quality: Yandel and Nicky Jam.

“The fact of having two leading figures of the genre who did not hesitate with committing to supporting one of Rapeton Approved's newest talents tells me that we are on the right track," said Ángel "El Gurú" Vera.

Rapetón Approved has been successfully promoting new artists in the urban industry and "La Glock" is a song that meets all the necessary elements to achieve success.

“First of all, I want to thank God and then my team, I feel grateful to Nicky and Yandel for giving me the opportunity to join me on a song like this, a song that since the beginning we knew that we had gold in our hands. This is a dream come true, since I grew up listening to Yandel and Nicky’s music and having them on one of my songs is a great achievement”, added Xyron.

Listen to “La Glock” remix on your favorite digital platform.

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