The talent of versatile and gifted singer, songwriter and musician from Colombia Edier Gómez Fernandez, aka EMISHA, arises in each one of his songs, together with his unbridled passion for music.

His debut single “AMANTES” is no exception: it combines a minimal reggaeton with typical pop sounds which enhance his voice and distinctive singing style.

“Amantes tells of the other side of love, the most selfish part, sometimes naïve, which wants the happy end at all costs, even in a threesome. We know we run the risk to hurt ourselves, but it is stronger than us: real love knows no date, hour, sex, status or religion! We were “Amantes”, we will be or might be in the future”, EMISHA explains.

 For the official video of “AMANTESEMISHA took inspiration by the painting “Les amants” by René Magritte. With his work the surrealist painter expresses “the impossibility of love”: a very strong feeling, some kind of conflict between the hidden visible and the apparent visible. Just like lovers’ relationships are. 

AMANTES” will be released on the 19th February by URBANA LATIN, a division of Urbana Label, distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Italy.

Son of an artist, EMISHA (Edier Gómez Fernandez, born in Cali, Colombia on 6th August 1985) grows up breathing music since he was a kid thanks to his dad and grandad: he enters the conservatory at a young age and further cultivates his passion for all kind of music instruments, drums in particular.

His peculiar nickname is the result of the combination of “E”, like his first name “Edier”, and “Misha”, the name of his childhood imaginary friend. 

Each stage of his life is marked by a music genre that further enriched his career, first as musician and then as singer. EMISHA himself stresses the several music influences that formed him: from jazz to classic music; from Reggae, Dancehall, Salsa to Pop and even Grunge music! 

Composer already in his teens, he moves to Europe where, through hard work and sacrifice, gets involved in various music projects. 

Gifted musician, already well-recognized in the Italian scene, EMISHA boasts important collaborations with internationally renowned artists including Mario Biondi, with whom he worked as a drummer. Key for his career is also the collaboration with Roberta Granà, vocal coach and chorister for many Italian “big” acts, which allows him take part to tours across various countries and gain further popularity internationally.

 The turning point of his career arrives in Switzerland, when he joins the urban band “J Nueve” as frontman and stands up for his catchy and engaging voice. First prizes follow quickly, in particular as “Best Latin Pop Act” at the Latin Music Awards in 2017, in Italy, that will allow the band to tour across Europe and Latin America, opening shows for Gente de Zona, Karol G, Piso 21, Sebastian Yatra, just to name a few. 

In 2020 EMISHA decides to continue his musical path as a soloist. He ends up in the radar of Urbana Label, well-established reality in urban and Latin scene, which he signs a record deal with. 

AMANTES” his debut single, will be released on the 19th of February by URBANA LATIN, a division of Urbana Label, distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Italy.

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