Rare Argyle Fancy Red Diamond is Being Debuted at Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair from 3-6 November

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 30, 2017 - /PRNewswire/ -- The fifth edition of the Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair, hosted by UBM Asia Ltd Taiwan Branch and Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association and co-organised by Taipei Jewelers' Association, will take place at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1 from 3-6 November. The satellite events include Jewellery runway shows, trend seminars, showcase of antique watches and limited products on sale. Expecting to achieve visitors' satisfaction, the exhibitors will showcase a vast array of exquisite exhibits, while the shoppers undoubtedly will be encouraged to add more items on their gift lists before celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The rare fancy coloured diamonds kept breaking bidding records at the worldwide auction in recent years. Jurassic Inc., a Taiwan renowned jewellery company, will debut "Asia Jewelry Auction Preview" at the trade show to introduce 180 delicate jewellery pieces for sale. The 1.00 carat Argyle fancy red diamond named "The Kimberly Red" is the most attention-grabbing piece amongst all. As fancy red diamonds are the rarest diamonds and a 1.92-carat fancy red diamond ring once broke the US$315 million mark in 2013, this magnificent showpiece will be expected to fetch a good price.

Richard Lee, General Manager of Jurassic Inc., is well-known as the "Gem Hunter." He has been to more than 50 global mine areas for crude ore and stones research, including Arusha, Tanzania and Kitwe (Gem Canton), the Republic of Zambia. Richard mentioned that participating in the process of mining crude ore and stones made progress on his knowledge and connoisseurship. This is also the crucial fact to be flexible and successful in the global market trends.

Most people keep families' jewel pieces for memories. Even though they want to wear them, the out-of-date shape and unfitted size could be the big problems. The idea of renewed jewellery has been very popular with TWIT (teenage women in their thirties). Not only would the exclusive and customised piece meet their expectations, but it will also become a personal iconic symbol to show off. The results brought 3 to 5 times profit to the Japan Jewellery industry.

The Japan exhibitors, Excellent Gem Co. Ltd. and Minerva Co. Ltd., will present a series of renewed jewelleries at the show, covering ruby, sapphire, gold and diamonds. The Japanese designer's remarkable craftsmanship and innovation gave the exhibits a brand new appearance and value. In addition to Japan, the country pavilions includes Hong Kong, Italy, Thailand and so on.

FONTE UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch


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